Man in monkey suit was actually man in bigfoot suit as part of ‘guerilla marketing’

Above: A bigfoot can be seen in the background of a photo taken at Fawick Park on Thursday night. (Picture by Joe Kucera / Submitted)

The man in the “monkey suit” at Fawick Park on Thursday night was actually a man in a bigfoot suit, according to a local business owner who says he may or may not have had something to do with it.

“To the best of my knowledge, I will go on record as saying that it was someone’s idea of guerilla marketing,” said Tony Keller, owner of the Acoustic Restaurant. “What I can confirm is that we do have an item called the Bigfoot Burger. We are currently promoting it.”

Police said they received a call at 7:45 p.m. Thursday night about a man who was wearing a monkey suit during the Jazz at Fawick Park event. No citations were issued.

“Maybe it was really bigfoot,” Keller said. “He might have some propriety guardianship of the Bigfoot Burger. Maybe he just likes jazz. I can’t confirm or deny.”

Keller also refused to confirm or deny whether it was him in the suit.

“If it wasn’t me, it would be very convenient for my Bigfoot Burger promotion,” he said.

Keller said he heard that police responded to the incident and met with bigfoot.

“From what I heard, they were good-humored about the situation,” he said. “They just wanted to ensure public safety. The officer who responded was just looking out to make sure that we have the best burger in town. I am pretty sure that the responding officer did get a photo (with bigfoot) for his personal collection.”

Keller also said that bigfoot might appear at RiverFest on Saturday night.

“From all the stories I remember in Boy Scouts, where there is one bigfoot, there is bound to be more,” he said. “I wouldn’t be surprised if one shows up at RiverFest. If I had to guess, tomorrow night at about 5:30-6 p.m. The moon is about right at that time.”

Sioux Falls Police Capt. Greg Vande Kamp joked Friday morning that wearing a monkey suit – or any suit – in a park or downtown is not illegal, in case you didn’t know that.

Vande Kamp said police didn’t file a report about it – again, because a crime wasn’t committed – and didn’t have any further information.

We are also attempting to get the audio from the 911 call. Why? Well, why not?

Is this breaking news? Certainly not, but it’s fun. Even the police are in on it.

“The Sioux Falls Police Department wants to go officially on the record and say there was no bigfoot sighting in the city limits of Sioux Falls,” Vande Kamp said during briefing.

We have compiled some of the best responses to our tweets about the man in the monkey gorilla suit below. The initial tweets have been retweeted several hundred times. See it below the video.