A memory caught at Falls Park

UPDATE 3:30 p.m.: The photographer wrote on their Facebook page that they found out who it was.


Most couples don’t have a picture of the moment they got engaged. That’s why Hope Logue of Sioux Falls is on the hunt for the two people who shared a happy moment together at Falls Park over the weekend. 

Logue shared the below photo on Facebook on Sunday, and it already has almost 400 shares as of Monday at 3 p.m. Her goal? She wants to find the couple to give them the photo.


"I caught this beautiful moment at Falls Park in Sioux Falls yesterday and if anyone knows them, please let me know!" Logue wrote on Facebook. "I feel as if no one really catches these real life moments, like asking your girlfriend to marry you, unless you hire someone to be there."
So, sleuths of Sioux Falls. Do you know these people? Let Logue know here.